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Who we are

We're experienced and perfectly formed

We're a close-knit user experience design team based in Melbourne, Australia. A dedicated team of passionate designers, thinkers, problem solvers and technologists with a variety of complementary skills and interests but a shared love of UX and a desire to push the field forward and make the web better.

We help organisations create and improve online products through research, strategy and design. In essence, we make simple, creative, easy-to-use online experiences that are a pleasure to use.

We have a strong focus on simplicity, interaction design, usability, web standards and accessibility, but most importantly we employ a user-centred design approach, which means we stay focused on the specific needs of your audience throughout the design process.

We've worked with an amazing range of clients, from large corporations and government departments to community service organisations and funky little start-ups. Drop us a line - we'd love to help you too.

"Thirst are easy to work with and translate your ideas well.
Always exciting and fresh!" Tiffiny Hall - Trainer for The Biggest Loser.

The team

  • Benjamin Tollady

    Ben Tollady

    Founder, Director, User Experience Guy

  • Andrew Gunstone

    Andrew Gunstone

    Founder, Director, Sensemaking Analyst

  • Merryn Wright

    Merryn Wright

    Project Manager

  • Gareth Roberts

    Gareth Roberts

    User Experience Consultant

  • Sam B


    Senior Developer

Geeky, but in a good way. Everyone here at Thirst loves what they do. More than a job, it's our passion!

We are...

  • Multi talented & flexible

    Being a multi discipline team allows us to be much more agile and responsive than the bigger agencies. We're not into hierarchy and don't have any unnecessary middle management, paperwork or processes. The person you'll speak to on the phone is the very same person working on your project.

  • User-focused

    User-centred design is our mantra and underpins everything we do. Our philosophy has always been and always will be to approach design solutions from the end user's point-of-view and not let technological constraints determine a solution or drive a product.

  • Research-driven

    We're big on research. Not huge research documents for the sake of it, or unnecessary deliverables to impress your boss with, but enough research to provide us with a very comprehensive understanding of your project, your business and your customers to ensure our design work is informed and focussed from the outset.

  • Pragmatic

    We're passionate and up-to-date with the academic side of UX design and web technologies, but that's not to say we not afraid of employing heuristics or rolling up or sleeves when necessary. We're not interested in producing deliverables for the sake of it. We generate what we need to get the job done as best and efficiently as possible.

  • Lovers of a challenge

    Problem solving is what it's all about to us. We love the challenge of taking a complicated design problem and developing a solution that's super-simple and intuitive to use. We find it liberating, not daunting. We love to explore all of the possible design options, iterating and improving until we've found the best solution possible.

  • Geeky

    We're all over the latest technologies and aren't embarrassed to admit we get excited about the latest new Apple product or web techniques. It may be geeky, but we consider it a strength. We love hanging-out with other nerds to talk geek-speek too. So much so - we've even organised our own web geek event!