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Ben Rowe

Written by
Ben Rowe
25 Feb 2013

Tonight I signed up for Sunrise, a calendar app that launched this week.

Sunrise - sign up with Facebook

It's based on the simple idea of a daily email, sent first thing in the morning, that has your meetings and events summarised for that day, in the one place. In their words:

Sunrise combines Facebook, Google Calendar, LinkedIn and more into a nicely designed daily email.

I'd heard some good things about it during the week, and it seemed like a nice example of the slow web, an idea that we've been thinking about a lot lately. So I thought I'd give it a try.

I pressed that dirty ol' "Signup with Facebook" button, connected my account, added my Google Calendar, and I was away.

Or was I?

Sunrise - See you tomorrow morning

"Ben, you're all set! See you tomorrow morning!" was the 'success' message that I received. I was ready to login, but then informed that I couldn't until the MORNING? Mild annoyance quickly subsided, replaced with the thought of, "What a cool idea!".

By restricting my access, they've added a tonne of anticipation into the user experience. Because I can't login until tomorrow, my level of interest has skyrocketed. I can't wait to get up in the morning to check this out. Had I have been able to login immediately, I wouldn't have cared as much.

Of course, my expectations have also skyrocketed. This new app is going to have to be pretty darn good to exceed them.

But that's tomorrow's worry.

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