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Geek Night 17/3/2014

18 Mar 2014

Last night's meetup kicked us off (officially) for the year of 2014 and what a night it was, with three illustrious speakers covering such diverse ground in a little over an hour.

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A portrait of an inventor.

06 Aug 2012

I recently stumbled upon a series of posts spanning over the last 4 years by David Friedman, a photographer from New York City in which he portrays inventors from all sorts of fields and varying backgrounds. The one thing that unites them, however, is their passion and commitment to solve a problem creatively regardless of the obstacles in their way.

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On preprocessors

17 Jul 2012

When it comes to preprocessors, the web community seems to be a bit divided. Some people love them, some hate them. Here at Thirst, we’ve forgotten what plain CSS looks like! (I kid of course). Preprocessors, however, are not for everyone and not for every team. We’ve made them work for us and agreed on a workflow that minimises friction as much as possible.

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Progress bar with CSS and Javascript

03 May 2012

Over the past few months we’ve been redesigning the Thirst Studios website. As part of this redesign, we’ve added a shiny new project planner. We wanted the progress bar to function in two ways, firstly was to update as the next and previous buttons are clicked and we wanted the ability for users to click back to a section they had already completed in case there was an error or they wanted to make amendments.

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